Big Savings Windshield Repair For Chips & Auto Glass Repair in Palm Coast

Save With Chipped Windshield Repair vs Auto Glass Replacement in Palm Coast, Fl

Chipped Windshield Repair and Auto Glass Replacement and Repair in Palm Coast, Florida If your driving your car on the freeway or side road and a stone flies into your windshield and creates a chip to your auto glass there is a solution. We can fix the windshield chip by filling in the chip if we are contacted early enough. We perform truck windshield repair, boat glass and car windshields along with RV windshield repair. If your car or truck is covered by insurance, many insurance companies will wave the deductible on the windshield repair work. You can save a boat load if you call us before the crack gets too large if you are not covered by insurance.

Quick Windshield Repair For Your Palm Coast, Fl Car

The windshield repair is much less expensive vs the auto glass replacement procedure. The job will usually take about a half hour if we can perform the car windshield repair. When the stone hits the glass, this is when the chip is small enough for us to do the repair. Windshield repair and car glass repair is what we do and we will always try to save all our customers money with quality workmanship in our work in Palm Coast, Fl.